1. Legal responsibilities

2. Safety checks

3. Cockpit checks

4. Security

Control and positioning

5. Controls and instruments

6. Moving away and stopping in all situations

7. Safe positioning/ normal driving etc.

Observations, signalling and planning

8. Mirrors – vision and use

9. Signals

10. Anticipation and planning

11. Use of speed

12. Other road users 

13. Eco safe driving

Junctions, roundabouts and crossings

14. Junctions- T-junctions and turning into a side rd. etc.

15. Roundabouts

16. Pedestrian crossings


17. Reversing / stopping on the right-side of the road.

18. Turning the car around

19. Parking /reversing into a bay and driving forward into a bay

20. Controlled stop

Road types

21. Country roads

22. Dual carriageways

23. Motorways

Driving conditions

24. Driving at night

25. Weather conditions

26. Passengers and loads

Following routes

27. Independent driving and using a sat nav driving