Some reason to have the ability to ask questions.  

Asking questioning strengthens the learning process

People learn by asking questions. When questions are encouraged, it sets up good habits for learning. When your teacher supports questioning in a learning environment, a stronger sense of participation in evolved. The student is taking a more active role in the learning process; it isn’t just a one-way street where a teacher talks and never includes the students. Students will learn so much more, and remember that asking good questions results in better learning.

Asking questions is the sign of good teaching

Regardless to what you may think, the best teachers aren’t those who think they have all the answers. Teachers who think they know it all are more limited and resistant to progress. The best teachers, however, are all ways curious. They’re always asking questions and looking for new and interesting ideas. There are all ways trying to find new ways to fill gaps in the in their knowledge and will all ways questions to learn more.

Questioning can encourage positive change

In the same way that questioning can bring about innovation, it can also encourage positive change. When there’s a problem in society, the first step is to ask questions like, “How did this happen? How can we make it better?”