Want to change to a career that gives you more control? 

Driving instructors not only get to organise their own time, it’s a career that offers exceptional job security. There is a consistent demand for driving instructors, with there always people looking to get their driving licence.

Become a driving instructor in Scotland and you’ll enjoy a more flexible work schedule. 

You’ll get to pick your working hours, even if you will need to accommodate students at times that suit both you and them. This is particularly useful if you have other commitments you need to fulfil.

Because many driving instructors are self-employed individuals or operate their own driving schools, they also enjoy more independence. In other words, you’re your own boss: you make the decision on how to run your company. You have control over your teaching methods, lesson plans, and pricing structure.

Train as a driving instructor and you’ll be making a positive impact on people’s lives.

You can teach new drivers the essential skills and knowledge they need to become safe and responsible motorists. It’s wonderful to see students progress and gain confidence behind the wheel.

Being a driving instructor requires continuous learning and development.

It also means initially meeting specific requirements and undergoing necessary training and assessments.

Once qualified, you will need to stay updated with the latest driving regulations and instructional techniques.

Pick an ORDIT instructor like Toby and you’ll receive the best possible training. He will prepare you for your examinations so you have the best possible chance of passing.

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