Why Choose Us?

Choose an ORDIT registered instructor.

With over 21 years’ experience as a driving instructor, I am very proud to say I’ve gained entry to the Government’s Official Register of Driving Instructor Training (ORDIT) over 3 years ago, and have helped a number of people become driving instructors, one of which gained a grade A 51/51 on their 1st attempt,. This means I have undergone a series of rigorous examinations of my knowledge, skills and record keeping and have been seen to have reached a very high standard of ability to train and instruct others in PDI training {trainee driving instructor} and also standard test training by a senior DVSA examiner, and would be happy to be tested again at a moment notice if required to do so by the DVSA,  This is your guarantee of receiving quality driving instructor training from someone who has proven to operate at the highest level and who is examined every 4 years to stay on the register.

If you have ever thought about becoming a driving instructor in Aberdeen and want the best driving instructor training in Aberdeen then please call Toby Armishaw. I will also be able to offer you the full Streets Ahead Driving instructor training course with the opportunity to operate a Streets Ahead Driving school franchise once qualified. When you become part of the team you are entitled to free standard test training to assist you in gaining the highest grade possible at your standard test.

I can also offer Standards Check training to all existing ADIs who want to remain on the register or strive to obtain a grade A on their next DVSA Standards Check.

ORDIT was set up by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency {DVSA} with the support of  all the major driving schools and associations, ORDIT is here to protect you from below par and unprofessional training companies by setting a strict minimum level of training competencies for all training providers. Sadly many companies choose not to follow these standards including many of the national companies.

You can buy single or multiple lessons to help you train. Starting cost is £45 per hour depending on the length of the lesson, lessons are normally a minimum of 2 hours and are conducted in Westhill Aberdeen and whether you need access to my car or pupils etc. You will receive a full debrief at the end of each session giving you information on strengths and areas for improvement. Please contact me for details and any further information.

It’s relatively inexpensive to gain entry on the ORDIT register just £120, the only true cost is the commitment to the training and the inspection, so even a single driving instructor trainer can afford it. The true reason why an ADI training provider would not be on ORDIT is if they realise they cannot reach the minimum standard required or satisfy the fair business practices set by the DVSA to safeguard potential customers.


Toby Armishaw