Important Part 3 Exam Notes

These are some of the things you need to pay attention to on a part 3 exam. Let any of these slip and you reduce your ability to pass a test.

Pay attention to each line of the list in a random order. Look at any one line then jump to another 2 seconds later, then another and another…That’s what needs to be running through your head when doing a part 3 exam / lesson.

Was the lesson appropriate for the pupil’s ability? Client centred?

Did you identify the learner’s goals and needs correctly?

Did you use the correct level of instruction?

Have you planned the route correctly? Enough time to go where you want to and get back to the test centre on time?

Think about where you can stop safely if need be. 

Did you adapt the lesson plan, changing lesson plan appropriately with pupils ageing?

Is anyone at risk around you?

Are you giving instructions clearly in good time and in as few words as possible?

Was the pupil aware of their actions and surroundings?

Were you aware of the surroundings of the pupils’ actions?

Did you talk through any safety critical incidents and explain reasons to change? 

Did the pupil learn anything?

Did you ask the right questions at the right time?

Was your feedback relevant and timely?

Was your teaching style appropriate?

Have you answered the pupil’s questions correctly?

Did you finish the lesson in a concise and clear manner with a way forward for next lessons?

Was the pupil given the opportunity to reflect on their own learning?

Did you keep a non-discriminatory manner?