Instructor Training Part 3


This is a practical course and you will be required to attend up to ten 4 hour training sessions.

  • 50 hours of one two one training taken in a maximum of 4 hour sessions.
  • Full debrief at end of each session.
  • Reflective log on way forward to improve your coaching skills.
  • This course can be taken over 3-18 weeks but can be adjusted to suit.

Books Provided For Training and Included In The Cost:

  • 1551 coaching diagrams.
  • ADI standard check essential information book.

Need To Know For Your Test

You will need to attend with a pupil and will be observed teaching. You will pass if you achieve a minimum overall score of 31 [out of 51], and at least 8 out of 15 on the risk management section.

Here are some important notes for part 3.

Pay a deposit of £250.00 per item