Imagine seeing someone celebrate passing their driving test, knowing you played a part in making it happen. 

The ability to drive can transform someone’s life, helping them work further afield and visit their friends anywhere. Working as a driving instructor means you can help people’s dreams come true. Nothing beats seeing people’s faces light up as they brandish their official licence!

By training as a driving instructor in the Shetlands, you can play a part in improving road safety.

The roads can be dangerous places and learners need to be prepared to tackle all kinds of conditions.

A driving instructor can make all the difference to someone’s chances of tearing up their L-plates. It’s also a highly important job: you’ll be teaching motorists the skills needed to keep themselves and other road users safe.

As an ORDIT registered instructor, Toby at Streets Ahead Aberdeen will ensure you’re trained as a driving teacher to the finest standards. 

Located in Aberdeen, he teaches people in and around the local area, including the Shetlands.

If needed, we can easily fit training around your other professional or family commitments. It takes around six to nine months to become a driving instructor but it will depend on whether you’re learning full or part time.

If you’re seeking driving instructor training in the Shetlands, contact our friendly team for more information.