How many of you have forgotten the need of demonstrating a subject and explaining it in full? It needn’t take you long and will save so much time in the future. It is a skill all driver instructors should practise to be at an acceptable level, to help your students make real progress.

This is essential to all learners. Students need to have real belief in their own ability and expectations, but also in their instructor’s ability to teach. This will in turn help with their own ability.

Demonstrating the right method, will also help the pupil’s attitude towards road safety and responsible driving for life. This is essential for all instructors to develop. 

As a trainer it can often be stressful but you must demonstrate a calm and patient manner as this will help your pupil achieve their driving goals. The problem can be we try to verbally instruct/help/coach from the passenger’s seat, this often leads to student overload, and they will struggle to focus on both you and the task in hand. 

We need both the skill and knowledge to hold a conversation that leads the pupil to effective learning, being able to give a demonstration of the subject intended for the driver’s seat, plus of course, answer any questions your pupil may throw at you and also manage the risk is an important art to master.