Anyone who’s considering becoming a driving instructor not only needs the right training. You also need to ensure you have the right suitable qualities for this role. 

A good driving instructor needs to be patient, calm. knowledgeable and committed to safety. You should also have a comprehensive understanding of traffic laws, road regulations, and driving techniques. When you train as an instructor, you want a tutor that will ensure you’re flawless in this and many other regards.

The best driving instructors also have excellent communication skills and know how to put even the most nervous drivers at their ease. You will often need to adapt to meet the needs of different learners. This involves having a positive attitude and being able to encourage people in often tricky situations.

If you think you have what it takes to train as a driving instructor, Streets Ahead Aberdeen delivers first-class, ORDIT approved tuition. 

Toby can help you become a supportive and knowledgeable driving instructor who knows all the rules of the road. He’s committed to helping train driving instructors that focus on safety and able to adapt to the latest conditions in the industry.

He offers both part and full time courses to suit your particular needs.

If you’re keen to train as a driving instructor in Aberdeen or the surrounding locations, simply get in touch for more information.